We are family owned and operated rug cleaning company in Sydney Australia, operating professional rug services with pride.This rug cleaning company is situated in a very convenient location near Sydney CBD, close to north shore providing high quality services for over a decade now. Rug washing is our passion and therefore, we have made this an art of human kind. However, we have been involved in this business for generations now. We came from such a cultural background where rug making, rug washing and repairing is a traditional and cultural practice. We offer wide range service including rug cleaning, rug repairing and rug washing services for all kind of rugs Australia wide.We also offer Australia wide free pick up and delivery. Send us on line inquiry and get a free quote. If you inquire online you will receive 30% discounted quote.

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Have your rug professionally cleaned and our promise to return your rug odourless and fresh.If result is not satisfactory money back guarantee

We provide services called rug wash sydney and rug clean sydney which is operated Australia wide under the business name clean rug sydney Australia page. Unlike other cleaning company we wash and clean in front of you if you want, which are displayed on your blog’s front page in the order they’re published, pages are better suited for more timeless.This rug cleaning company which is situated in a very convenient location near Sydney.  Rug cleaning has been our passion and we consider rug cleaning an art of human kind; However, we have been involved in this business for quite a few generations now.

Rug cleaning is our passion and that’s why we provide with the best possible service

Clean rug Australia always strives to provide honest, efficient and reliable service with a simplicity that our customers can feel comfortable with. Our commitment is to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of proven service at prices which enable them to be competitive in the market place.


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