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Persian Carpet washing

Deluxe Rug wash services- Suited For Persian and High Quality Rug

Some of the rugs are so precious and unique that you want to make sure its been well looked after while cleaning and washing. You can rely on our capable team with practical hands on training and vast experience and knowledge about premium rug cleaning which is especially designed for Persian rugs or other high quality rugs. Considering the age,material and the workmanship involved in your rug construction we decide appropriate method of rug washing and we clean them accordingly. With all our expertise, experience, ability and hard work will ensure the utmost result in quality rug cleaning

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On site Rug Cleaning and Steam wash

We offer on site rug and carpet cleaning services at your home. Our carpet cleaning service include steam wash to rug and carpet. Our portable washing service comes in to play when you want to have your area rugs washed in your place. To find out Contact us Today

Rug Stain Cleaning

Do not let the stain dry in. The longer you leave the permanent it gets.If you notice any stain in your rug Call us straight away. There are different types of stain and different stain removal techniques readily available and we will apply effective rug stain cleaning procedure accordingly.

rug stain

rug stain cleaning

stain mark on a rug

rug stain cleaning 

Do not forget small stain in your rug might get bigger over time and damage your beautiful rug. Our stain removal service is quite sophisticated because we apply appropriate rug stain removal technique based on a number of facts such as stain type, rug type, fabric of the rug, country of make  and colour type and age of your rug.

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Other Services

We provide a number of services other than rug cleaning such as carpet and rug over locking, resizing, rug stop, non slip underlay to carpet, rug and hall runner, customizing, fringing, binding, repair to persian rug and many other services you can think of related to your rug and carpet. All jobs can be done to comply with customer specification

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