Rug Cleaning Services

Rug cleaning sydney offers sophisticated services for your beautiful expensive used rugs. We work with both hand made and machine made rugs that needed to be clean. Our rug cleaning service is the best in Sydney. When we clean your rug we wash them in big bath tub so you get a fresh rug.

our team members are working as professional rug cleaners in Sydney for over a decade now. We inspect the construction and the material of your rug before deciding on a cleaning procedure.Especially, handmade rugs cleaning method needs to be delicate because of the wool, silk and dye used. Rugs that has vegetable dye usually not colour fast and almost all handmade rugs has some kind of  natural dye.

Machines and using strong chemicals clean your rug quicker but with a ordinary rug cleaning chemical is not safe enough for human and pets.

All our staff are experienced in different washing techniques. we always check the condition and colour when repair and restore your.